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4 Major Reasons that You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted in Personal Injury on June 20, 2019

Accidents are rarely clear-cut. Oftentimes, several factors at play that dictate the trajectory of an accident that neither driver is truly aware of. Though filing a claim through your insurance is not rocket science, different situational factors associated with accidents might call for the help of an attorney. Especially when an accident requires some level of medical treatment and recovery, handling the claims process on your own, under certain circumstances, might seem impossible. Some of the different reasons why you should hire a personal injury lawyer are explored in below.

Your Injuries are Severe

After an accident that has caused considerable damage to your body, it is best to consult a lawyer rather than trusting the other driver’s insurance claims adjustors to grant you compensation that accurately reflects your injuries. Claims that involve severe injuries are best addressed with a lawyer before you fall victim to an insurance company that cares more about losing money than your well-being.

An attorney helps in this regard by accurately assessing your damages. When filing a personal injury lawsuit, this includes physical damages, emotional damages, and those associated with missing work as a result of your injuries. A lawyer can create a settlement figure that you both can refer to during settlement negotiation. This utility is especially evident in cases that involve disability.

You’re Nearing the Statute of Limitations

If you’ve neglected to file your personal injury claim immediately after the accident, you might be scratching your head wondering how to collect evidence and build your case after so much time has passed. Though you only need to file by your state’s deadline, you still have to worry about lacking evidence and witness testimony. In this case, hiring a lawyer can help push your case through while giving it the best chance at success.

A lawyer can accomplish this by employing resources associated with investigation. Because a lawyer has access to records that you cannot access yourself, they can pull up different potential forms of evidence even though they might not be very recent. Lawyers can:

  • Request traffic camera information
  • Request driver call logs
  • Request 911 call records
  • Request police reports
  • Contact and interview witnesses indicated by the police report
  • Contact expert witnesses for their input on certain technical aspects of your case

Lawyers can help build an otherwise weak case that a claimant has delayed investigating. 

Liability is Unclear

In accidents that involve more than two parties, the claims process can become complicated. For instance, fault percentages are split amongst all parties – adding an extra variable requires extra time and effort to determine who owes, or is owed, what. Moreover, there might not be as much settlement money to disburse amongst all parties. Especially when your own actions contribute to the accident, your settlement could decrease even more. In these cases, you want to consult a lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer gives your the best chance to recover for your own damages while addressing the complicated claims process. A skilled attorney can protect you against counterclaims and help you with your own case. This is invaluable service for a driver that might not know how to approach a multiple-liability situation.

The Insurance Company is Unreliable

Sometimes, insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement during negotiation, or engage in dishonest practices. When dealing with insurance companies, hiring an attorney is your best bet in not falling victim to their inequity. An attorney can fight for your cause in either situation and help you bring your case to court if it becomes necessary.

Personal injury lawyers offer priceless resources and services to their clients. If you find yourself in one of the situations discussed above, make sure to utilize a free consultation to explore your claims options.

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