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Motorcycle Accidents

What Is The Average Settlement For Back Injury in California?

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,Bicycle Accidents,Truck Accidents,Pedestrian Accidents,Car Accident,Personal Injury,Uncategorized on June 9, 2019

Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries are common in many different accidents, including car crashes, falls, and workplace incidents. A serious back injury can cause chronic pain and permanent disability. A back injury could prevent an individual from returning to his or her place of work. It can also cause intangible losses such as being… read more

San Diego EMS Trauma Report Summary

Posted in San Diego News,Motorcycle Accidents,Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on February 8, 2019

Each year, the San Diego Emergency Medical Services releases a trauma report summary, detailing instances of trauma in San Diego County. The most recent report, for the year 2016, provides us with a great look at the number of accidents, emergency room visits, and more that took place. The report can help us get a… read more

Who Is at Fault in a Lane-Splitting Accident in California?

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,California Law,Personal Injury on December 31, 2018

California is the first state to permit lane-splitting or the act of a motorcycle riding between two lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction. As such, it has been a pioneer state in terms of what works and what does not with lane-splitting. Lane-splitting accidents have become an increasing issue since the legislative change… read more

What You Need to Know About California Motorcycle Laws in 2018

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,California Law on December 15, 2018

California is a popular state for motorcyclists. Every year, thousands of motorcyclists flood the roads and highways of The Golden State. Motorcyclists who live in the state and those who are just visiting must all obey current California motorcycle laws. Otherwise, they could face fines, points on a driving record, and other penalties. State traffic… read more

New California Lane Splitting Law for Motorcyclists

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,Personal Injury on November 17, 2017

Lane splitting has always been a bit of a grey area in California law. While not technically outlawed, it’s not strictly legal either. Now, a new piece of legislation seeks to clear up the confusion and might even result in explicitly condoning the practice. California governor Jerry Brown signed the landmark law this month, which… read more

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