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San Diego EMS Trauma Report Summary

Posted in San Diego News,Motorcycle Accidents,Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on February 8, 2019

Each year, the San Diego Emergency Medical Services releases a trauma report summary, detailing instances of trauma in San Diego County. The most recent report, for the year 2016, provides us with a great look at the number of accidents, emergency room visits, and more that took place. The report can help us get a… read more

California Car Accident Statistics 2018

Posted in Car Accident,News,Personal Injury on January 22, 2019

Car accidents take the lives of Californians every day. Distracted and negligent drivers strike other vehicles and pedestrians, contributing to the annual death toll. California’s large population makes it the state with the highest number of car accidents, injuries, and deaths each year. Focusing too heavily on car accident statistics can make drivers feel like… read more

CHP Focuses on Reducing Teen Distracted Driving

Posted in California Law,Car Accident,News on November 15, 2018

Distracted driving is one of the deadliest driver mistakes. Failing to pay adequate attention to the road makes it almost impossible for a driver to react to changing roadway conditions or situations in time to prevent a collision. In 2016, distracted drivers contributed to the deaths of 3,450 people across the country. About 9% of… read more

Lime Bikes: Revolutionary or Public Hazard?

Posted in News,Personal Injury on August 2, 2018

Bike-sharing programs have become increasingly popular all over the world. While they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional public transportation or driving, they are also causing problems in many metropolitan areas. The practice has reached epidemic levels in China in recent years with more than two million for-hire bicycles in Beijing alone, causing enormous… read more

Crash Course in Legalese 

Posted in News on May 13, 2018

The law is a highly technical profession. We often use terms that may be confusing to someone who doesn’t spend regular hours in a law office or a courtroom. We know this can be frustrating, especially when you’re directly involved with a case. At the Law Offices of Howard Kitay, we always try to use… read more

4 Surprising Reasons to Keep Your Mouth Shut When Pending Litigation

Posted in News,Personal Injury on May 9, 2018

If you’re in the process of a personal injury claim, you might want to tell the world about it. Chances are you’re feeling frustration and indignation at the party who committed negligence. However, it’s imperative to think before you speak – or maybe refrain from speaking about your case at all. Here are a few… read more

5 Essential Steps to Take When Dealing With a Big Rig Accident

Posted in News,Personal Injury on February 5, 2018

Commercial truck accidents are capable of creating serious injuries, which can run the gamut from concussions and whiplash to permanently disabling afflictions. If you or a loved one recently sustained injuries in an accident with a big rig or semi-truck, you might be wondering what to do next. Here’s what to do in the days… read more

NEWS: New Method Found for Mending Spina Bifida

Posted in News on December 20, 2017

Spina bifida afflicts about 1,500 to 2,000 babies born in the United States each year. This condition is a birth defect that prevents the spinal cord and backbone from developing properly in the womb. Most children born with spina bifida grow up unable to walk, or may only be able to walk with assistive medical… read more

Child Passenger Safety Week

Posted in News,Personal Injury on October 13, 2017

This year, 2017, was the first for Child Passenger Safety Week in California, a new initiative from Senator Bill Dodd that will now happen every third week of September. The resolution passed state legislature in September with bipartisan support, following an in-depth look at the dangers of improperly restraining child passengers. Child passenger safety is… read more

Does Your Surgeon Play Video Games? It Might Save Your Life

Posted in News on October 7, 2016

You may not associate video games with surgery, but a new study suggests an interesting connection. The study shows a strong correlation between a surgeon’s skills performing laparoscopic surgery and capabilities playing video games. The connection may not be as surprising as it first seems, since laparoscopy and similar surgeries require surgeons to manipulate instruments through minute incisions, using… read more

What Are the Penalties for Falsely Reporting a Kidnapping?

Posted in News on October 7, 2016

Recently, a 13-year- old girl called the Chula Vista Police Department to report an attempted kidnapping. She claimed a man in her neighborhood pulled up to her in a white van during her 8 a.m. walk to Robert L. Mueller Charter Elementary School. According to the girl, the man exited the van, grabbed her arm, and said, “Let’s… read more

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