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Pedestrian Accidents

Who Is At Fault in a Jaywalking Accident?

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents on October 10, 2019

Jaywalking is the practice of a pedestrian crossing the street at a place with no crosswalk or intersection. Jaywalking is often dangerous since drivers may not be expecting to see pedestrians in the road at these locations. While most drivers know to stop and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and marked intersections, pedestrians jaywalking can… read more

Tips for Staying Visible While Running

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents on October 1, 2019

A jog around your neighborhood in California should not end in tragedy. Unfortunately, drivers engage in dangerous habits such as texting and driving all too often. Distracted and negligent drivers can easily cause deadly pedestrian collisions. In 2016, 867 pedestrians in California lost their lives in traffic accidents. This was about a 6% increase from… read more

What Is The Average Settlement For Back Injury in California?

Posted in Motorcycle Accidents,Bicycle Accidents,Truck Accidents,Pedestrian Accidents,Car Accident,Personal Injury,Uncategorized on June 9, 2019

Neck, back, and spinal cord injuries are common in many different accidents, including car crashes, falls, and workplace incidents. A serious back injury can cause chronic pain and permanent disability. A back injury could prevent an individual from returning to his or her place of work. It can also cause intangible losses such as being… read more

How To Maximize Your Personal Injury Settlement in California

Posted in California Law,Truck Accidents,Pedestrian Accidents,Car Accident,Personal Injury on June 7, 2019

A personal injury settlement is a financial award you may be able to receive after another person or entity negligently or intentionally causes harm. A settlement is an agreement you and the defendant (and often the defendant’s insurer) come to, without needing to take the case to court. As a claimant, it is up to… read more

What Is a Petextrian?

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents on August 3, 2018

Texting is one of the most popular forms of modern communication but the practice is causing some people to suffer injuries due to distraction. A recently coined term “petextrian” refers to a pedestrian who is distracted by a text message conversation, effectively paying more attention to his or her phone than the path ahead. Petextrians… read more

Who Is Liable for Injuries Caused by Electric Bird Scooters?

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury on August 1, 2018

A recent phenomenon to hit the Los Angeles area is the proliferation of rideshare scooters. Apps like “Bird” allow a user to pay per minute to rent a Bird scooter, and once he or she arrives at the destination, the user simply leaves the Bird scooter on the ground for another user. After a ride,… read more

You Wouldn’t Believe Which Intersections in San Diego Are the Most Dangerous

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury on May 6, 2018

San Diego is a congested city, like much of California. The traffic in our state is legendary, so it makes sense that these bustling urban areas would be at higher risk for car accidents. While car accidents can occur at any intersection, some are more dangerous than others. In fact, you might be surprised which… read more

Are Pedestrian Fatalities Linked to Smartphone and Marijuana Use?

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury on May 2, 2018

Though pedestrian accidents make up the minority of all car crashes, they more often lead to fatal or permanently disabling injuries. Pedestrians who come into contact with cars often suffer fractures, TBI, soft tissue injuries, and even damage to the spinal cord. These injuries often take months, even years of rehabilitation. They’re also 100% preventable…. read more

High-Speed vs. Low-Speed Collisions

Posted in Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury on May 1, 2018

The impact of an accident depends on many factors – the relative size of the vehicles involved, driver behavior, and even the time of day. One of the most important factors, however, is vehicle speed. The relative speed of vehicles involved in a crash plays a significant role in a victim’s injuries. Learn how high-speed… read more

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