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Chula Vista Auto Accidents

Posted in Uncategorized on September 19, 2017

In a buzzing metropolis like San Diego, dozens of motor vehicle accidents occur every day. Some are minor while others result in catastrophic injuries. Since 1995, the number of fatal accidents in Chula Vista has averaged between 2.9 and 8.8 per 100,000 population, sometimes exceeding California’s statewide average. Motor vehicle accidents occur in a split second; it only takes an instant of driver inattention for a catastrophe to happen. If a Chula Vista road was the setting of your recent auto accident, come to The Law Offices of Howard Kitay. You may be eligible for recovery.

Who May Be Liable for Your Accident?

Auto accidents can involve many different defendants (responsible parties) depending on the circumstances. A bus crash in Chula Vista, for example, may come down to the bus company’s liability, or against the city itself. A train accident may be the fault of a negligent conductor, the train company, or a worker who left tools on the tracks. An Uber crash might be the company’s fault, or you might have to file your claim with the individual driver’s insurance company. A typical accident could result in another driver’s fault. There’s no end to the possible defendants in motor vehicle accidents in California.

To successfully bring a claim and maximize your odds of recovery, retain capable Chula Vista attorneys. You will need to identify the defendant(s) and prove negligence to receive a settlement for your crash-related injuries since California is a fault insurance state. You may need to gather evidence such as photographs, eyewitness statements, medical documents, and expert testimony to prove your claim. Our firm has years of experience assigning liability for motor vehicle accidents. No matter how complex your case gets, we have the power to handle it.

Types of Auto Accidents We Handle in Chula Vista

At our law firm, our attorneys have won outstanding settlements and verdicts for our car accident clients. For example, our accident attorneys recently won a $7.5 million jury verdict for our client after a commercial shuttle van caused his motorcycle crash. We have secured many seven-figure awards for victims of car, truck, van, rideshare, bus, train, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents throughout California. Our competent team can handle a wide range of case types.

We have represented clients in accident lawsuits involving drunk drivers, drowsy drivers, drugged drivers, distracted drivers, defective vehicle parts, hazardous roadways, malfunctioning stoplights, and more. We want to help you get to the heart of what caused your accident, and pursue compensation the responsible party rightfully owes you. Whether your goal is to achieve a fair insurance settlement or to take your case to court for maximum compensation, we can help. 

Don’t Accept Your Losses Without a Fight

Car accidents can leave victims with chronic pain, permanent disabilities, lost careers, or lost loved ones. The Law Offices of Howard Kitay want to help you and your family after an injurious or deadly auto accident in Chula Vista or elsewhere in the San Diego region. Our firm excels in pre-trial settlement negotiations and trials. We will listen to your specific case goals and help you achieve the best possible outcome. Contact our Chula Vista auto accident attorneys for a free evaluation of your car accident case.

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