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Chula Vista Grocery Store Accidents Lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident while you were in a grocery store near Chula Vista, contact the Howard Kitay Law Firm to proceed with a personal injury claim for compensation for your injuries and other expenses and costs.

Causes of Grocery Store Accidents near Chula Vista

Grocery stores are actually filled with many hazards that customers might encounter at any hour the store is open. Night time customers might find a Chula Vista grocery store filled with boxes of new products that stockers must put up on shelves for sale the next day. Accidents happen and there could be some debris or wet spots that are slippery and could cause you to fall and become injured from that fall onto shelves or hard floors. Even normal cleaning procedures, like waxing of floors, if not properly marked off, can present a danger to customers.

Uneven surfaces in the store or in a parking lot can create a slip and fall hazard area to visitors. Collisions can happen with shopping carts as employees gather them up to return to the store, and some grocery stores will have pallets and pallet jacks in areas where you might run into them and get hurt. Forklift operators are supposed to have safety training, but if negligence occurs, you could be injured or your vehicle damaged. You could trip and fall on a loose or misplaced entry mat on your way in to or out of the store.

Premises Liability for Chula Vista Grocery Store Accidents

If you are injured in a business or on someone else’s property, under California law, that injury falls under premises liability law. Business owners are mandated to keep their premises safe or to mark off any hazards. The most common grocery store accident due to negligence is a slip and fall incident. It is easy to see how this can happen, especially in the produce aisle, where a loose grape or piece of produce can fall to the floor and lie in wait for an unwary customer to step on it and slide. Grocery stores try to maintain clean floors, but sometimes employees fail to clean floors properly. If you are hurt in a grocery store slip and fall accident, you are part of a million other people who are hurt yearly in that type of accident.

Chula Vista Grocery Store Accidents Lawsuits

In California, the injured party must prove that the grocery store was negligent and that failure to maintain a safe environment led to the injury accident. Our attorneys will work aggressively to prove liability by examining the evidence and by investigating the premises. Grocery store accident injury claims may include the following:

  • Medical care costs
  • Lost wages due to inability to work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Long term rehabilitation for broken bones, fractures or sprains

Call A Chula Vista Grocery Store Accidents Lawyer

Chula Vista Grocery Store Accidents Lawyer Howard Kitay Law Firm is ready to offer you a free case consultation at their Chula Vista Law Office. This will help you to understand your legal options and possible future course of action. We only charge a fee when we win your case. We serve clients in many nearby cities, including Carlsbad, Mission Valley, San Diego, National City, Imperial Beach, Bonita and San Ysidro. Call to make your appointment now for a free Howard Kitay case evaluation; call 619-754-6854.

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