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Chula Vista Home Depot Accident Lawyers

Have you or a loved one been injured while visiting a Home Depot store in Chula Vista or anywhere in San Diego County? Do you know that if your injuries were caused because the store or an employee was negligent, you can seek compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and damages which can include financial losses due to not being able to work.

The Chula Vista Home Depot Accident Lawyers at Howard Kitay Law Firm are avid when it comes to helping personal injury clients recover from accidents that have caused personal injury or property damage because someone else was negligent in their responsibilities. Dial 619-754-6854 for a free initial consultation. We have offices in El Cajon, Chula Vista and San Diego, California.

Causes of Home Depot Accidents near Chula Vista

Home Depot stores are filled with thousands of home repair and remodeling products, lumber, and assembly and construction parts. Keeping Home Depot stores clean and floors safe for customers can be an ongoing challenge, but they must keep their premises safe for customers and other visitors. If you have been injured while at a Home Depot store, call Howard Kitay accident attorneys to begin the legal claims for recovery of your medical, recuperation and other accident related expenses.

Accidents at Home Depot in Chula Vista or elsewhere in California can happen easily. There is sawdust and small parts like screws, nuts and bolts that can tumble onto floors to create a slip and fall hazard. The store is negligent if they do not keep the store premises safe. Home Depot floors can be slippery from washing, waxing, and product spills could cause you to fall and become injured. Heavy products could fall when you try to reach up to higher shelves for them. You could easily receive cuts, scrapes or broken bones from falling objects.

All wet areas need to be marked and sectioned off until they are dry and safe so you do not slip and fall. Parking lots also need to be kept free of hazards, such as debris, broken glass, boxes and snow or ice. Entry and exit doors should work easily and entry mats must be debris free and smoothed out so you do not trip and fall.

Liability for Chula Vista Home Depot Store Accidents

Under California premise liability laws, if you are injured in a Chula Vista Home Depot, the store is liable to repay you for your injury expenses and care, along with other things like work loss. If they do not comply with safety laws, they are negligent. That is clear reason to hold them liable under personal injury laws.

To establish liability:

  • You must prove they knew about the problem and failed to fix it.
  • You must prove that store employees or the store created the hazard.
  • You must prove that Home Depot did not take proper warning or repair measures, including posting hazard signage.

Chula Vista Home Depot Accidents Lawsuits

In California, an injured party must prove that the Home Depot store was negligent and that their failure to maintain a safe environment led to your Home Depot injury accident. Howard Kitay attorneys are anxious and able to help you with this burden of proof that Home Depot is liable for your claims. They will look at evidence and do an investigation of the premises.

Home Depot accident injury claims for which you may seek compensation include the following:

  • Medical care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehabilitation for broken bones, fractures or sprains
  • Future medical costs and work loss
  • Property damage

Consultation for Chula Vista Home Depot Accidents

Howard Kitay Law Firm Home Depot accident attorneys always offer you a free case consultation at their Chula Vista Law Office. They will explain your legal options and work with you to determine any future course of action. A fee is only charged when we win, and those fees are deducted out of settlement or court awards. We serve clients in many nearby cities, including National City, Imperial Beach, Bonita and San Ysidro. Make an appointment today for a free case evaluation; call 619-754-6854.

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