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Chula Vista Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you or a loved one been the victim of an auto accident? Did you sip, trip or fall while on the property of another? Did the accident result in serious injuries, missed work time and extensive health and medical issues?

Call the Chula Vista personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Howard Kitay. We have accident and injury law offices throughout San Diego County including Chula Vista. Contact us immediately for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you get the benefits you deserve according to California personal injury law.

Bone Injuries

Car accidents, car-truck collisions and independent vehicle crashes often leave victims with broken bones in addition to other injuries. Other accidents, such as those that happen at construction sites, slip and fall accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and other accidents are also very likely to leave a victim with broken bones. All too often, the common cause for broken bones is negligent behavior of someone other than the victim.

Chula Vista broken bones attorneys at the Howard Kitay Law Firm specialize in representing clients who have been injured due to another person’s negligent behavior. They have over two decades of experience winning cases for persons who have suffered broken bones in their limbs, spine or head. Not only are broken bones painful, they may require a long rehabilitation period during which you accumulate high medical expenses but are unable to return to work.

Broken Bones Accident Injuries

Broken bones in any part of the skeleton can cause pain and take a long time to heal, if healing is even possible. Imagine the problems if you have broken bones in any of these areas of the body:

  • Fingers – fractures or breaks
  • Hands – crushing or broken bones
  • Feet – stress fractures
  • Legs & Knees – bone breakage, joint, muscle, or tendon tears
  • Arms – fractures, breaks, dislocation at shoulder or elbow
  • Spine – compound pressure fracture between bones, broken back bones
  • Head – fracture, crush or breaking of skull

Chula Vista Broken Bones Lawsuits

When you receive broken bones in an accident, the damage must be properly assessed by skilled medical professionals. Hopefully, a full recovery is possible. If the damage is severe, there may be long term physical pain. Emotional pain often accompanies physical pain. Medical treatment and rehabilitation are costly and may be needed for years. Broken bones may leave you more susceptible to arthritis or other bone diseases that could impair your ability to return to work or to work again in the future. Your income could be drastically cut and your life enjoyment curtailed. These are damages that may be included in a Chula Vista broken bones lawsuit.
In the majority of broken bones accident cases, negligence is a factor. Insurance companies will try to offer as low a settlement or payout as they can; Howard Kitay Law Firm personal injury attorneys have won millions of dollars for clients against negligent defendants. Attorneys you work with at the Howard Kitay Law Firm are determined to get you the best outcome from your lawsuit.

Complimentary Evaluation for Chula Vista Broken Bones Cases

The Chula Vista Howard Kitay Law Offices are ready to work with you, starting with a free case consultation. No fees are charged unless we win your case. In addition to Chula Vista, we serve clients in nearby cities of Bonita, Imperial Beach, National City and San Ysidro. Call now for your free consultation; call 619-754-6854.

Burn Injury

Burns are extremely painful and they can leave a person physically and emotionally scarred for life. In addition to extraordinary medical expenses, the burn victim may not be able to return to work or even have hopes for an ordinary life even again. When burns result from another person’s negligence, it is essential to retain superior and experienced legal representation to pursue compensation for your injuries and burn-related expenses.
The Chula Vista Law Firm of Howard Kitay welcomes burn injury cases; our skilled attorneys have won millions of dollars for personal injury clients, including burn victims. Our attorneys are determined to achieve the best outcome for clients, through skillful negotiations at settlement meetings and in the courtroom.

Burn Injury Damages

Typical burn accidental injuries may include:

  • Physical injury – skin loss, scarring, disability
  • Work loss or permanent disability that prevents working
  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Psychological anguish and mental distress
  • Surgery – now and in the future
  • Rehabilitation therapy – short or long term
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death

Burn injuries will change your life forever, all because someone else was careless. Burns can happen suddenly and unexpectedly, in a vehicle accident, at work or at play. You deserve fair compensation for personal injury due to negligence. Your legal representation from the Chula Vista Howard Kitay Law Offices can begin immediately. You can have confidence knowing that Chula Vista burn injuries accident attorney Howard Kitay has successfully represented burn injuries accident victims for more than two decades. Howard Kitay has won millions of dollars in awards and settlements.

Chula Vista Burn Injuries Accidents Lawsuits

Anyone can become a victim of a burn injuries accident through no fault of their own. Treatment for burn injuries is always painful and very expensive. Rehabilitation may include surgery for skin grafts, amputation of limbs too damaged to be healed, and treatment for bone damage. Extensive psychological damage may include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. None of this is inexpensive; you need to obtain compensation that is adequate to cover future medical costs and rehabilitation treatments, possibly for a lifetime.

When negligence has caused burn injuries:

  • You should not have to experience financial loss due to that negligence; you are the innocent victim.
  • Proper work safety precautions are mandated to prevent burn injuries; if someone neglected to provide warnings and safety equipment or protective clothing on the job, your burns and suffering were the result of that negligent omission.

Howard Kitay Law Office attorneys prepare a burn injuries accident case for winning, either in negotiations or in court. Each case is thoroughly investigated and we are aggressive in seeking that win for you.

Complimentary Case Evaluation for Chula Vista Burn Injuries Accidents

The Chula Vista Howard Kitay Law Offices always will offer you a free case evaluation. We make sure that you understand your legal options and possible future course of action. No fees are charged unless we win your case. In addition to Chula Vista, we serve clients in nearby cities of National City, Imperial Beach, Bonita and San Ysidro. Reserve an appointment now for your free consultation; call 619-442-0542.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome & Reflex Sympathetic Disorder

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as Reflex Sympathetic Disorder, is a devastating problem that only gets worse over time. It causes endless pain and suffering for those afflicted by this type of chronic pain. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is also called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) and is believed to be caused by traumatic injury that affects the nervous system.

Unfortunately, CRPS/RSD gets progressively worse and the pain can be unbearable. If you have symptoms of this disorder following an accident, contact Howard Kitay complex regional pain attorneys in Chula Vista right away. We are familiar with this unusual and painful disease and will do what it takes to help you. A common cause for complex regional pain injuries is negligence by someone else that resulted in your injury accident. There are legal ways to gain compensation for your injury expenses, work loss, psychological stress, pain and suffering and other future expenses.

CRPS Symptoms

This painful condition may begin with a small area of a limb and then spreads. The pain can be disabling and very severe. Complex regional pain injuries are nerve related and revealed by many troubling symptoms:

  • Chronic pain that is intense
  • A sensation of burning that radiates from an initial injury
  • Shooting type pains from the injury area
  • Excessive sweating and swelling
  • Abnormally high skin temperatures that are localized
  • Muscle spasms
  • Joints that become stiff and cause reduced mobility

CRPS Lawsuits

When you receive complex regional pain injuries from an accident, you must expect serious and long term pain and suffering, not only physically, but also financially. When negligence is the cause of your accident, you can seek recovery for related expenses and damages. These include medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost income, property damage and more. Medical treatments and rehabilitation for complex regional pain injuries are costly. The disease gets worse and will require medical attention for a lifetime. You may be unable to work and have your income drastically cut and normal activity enjoyment curtailed. The negligence of someone else can ruin your life; attorneys at Howard Kitay Law Firm believe you deserve full compensation for your injuries.
Your Howard Kitay Law Firm personal injury attorney will not settle for a lowball offer. They have won millions of dollars for complex regional pain injury clients. If someone else was negligent, resulting in your complex regional pain injury, you deserve fair compensation. Howard Kitay Law Firm attorneys are determined to help you get the best results to meet your current and future expenses.

Dog Bites And Animal Attacks

Under California law, a dog owner is liable for any damages that follow any biting incident attributed to their dog. A dog bite causes damage to skin, bleeding and possibly even broken bones. In addition to physical damage, dog bites can be an event that leaves psychological damage. Damage claims can be made by the victim and in some cases, by family members who have witnessed the traumatic event.

The Howard Kitay Law Firm in Chula Vista, devotes their entire practice to the area of personal injury law. Your case will be handled by skilled attorneys with experience in California dog bite cases.

Dog bite injuries and damages may include:

  • Physical injury
  • Mental anguish
  • Medical bills
  • Work loss
  • Rehabilitation therapy or surgery
  • Special equipment
  • Pain and suffering

If you were injured due to a dog bite, do not hesitate to seek legal representation to recover compensation for your injuries and personal damages. Chula Vista dog bite attorney Howard Kitay has successfully represented dog bite victims for 18 years. The Law Office of Howard Kitay is committed to serving those who have been wrongfully injured due to the negligence of others.

Chula Vista Dog Bite Lawsuits

Anyone can become a victim in a dog bite accident – or other animal bite – through no fault of their own. Owners must maintain control over their animals. If a dog breaks a leash, runs out of an unlocked door or otherwise becomes free to roam an area and then bites someone, that owner bears total responsibility for damages incurred. The owner is strictly liable for injuries. The legal path for recovering monetary damages and compensation for other non-physical injury such as mental trauma is through a personal injury lawsuit.

Relevant Issues In Animal Attack Lawsuits

In a dog bite or other animal bite case, only two things must be proven:

  1. Injuries were caused by the dog/animal bite
  2. The victim was lawfully on any premises where the attack occurred

In some dog bite cases, there may be more defendants than just those who actually own the animal. If the dog is owned by a renter, the homeowner may be liable as well. When the Law Offices of Howard Kitay represent a dog bite victim, we are fully prepared to take the case to trial. The great majority of personal injury cases – including dog bites – however, are settled prior to going to court. This is especially so if the dog owner’s insurance policy covers dog bites, which is normally the case.

Head Injuries

In assaults, car, truck, motorcycle and premises liability accidents head injuries are common. No matter what the cause, the problems with head injuries can be extensive, especially if the brain is also injured. A common misconception is that a head injury is the same as a brain injury. That is not true as all brain injuries involve head injuries but not all head injuries also inflict injury to the brain. Head injuries can occur when there has been an accident that results in a collision between the head area and any surface. A car crash often results in head injuries from victims colliding with the steering wheel, dashboard, windows, car frame, or when the body is ejected from the vehicle.

Repercussions From Head Injuries

  • Pain, suffering and reduction of mental capacity
  • Direct soft brain tissue loss or damage that cannot be healed
  • Indirect, or hidden brain tissue damage
  • Cognitive disorders and loss of function

Chula Vista attorneys at the Howard Kitay Law Firm have represented many clients who have received traumatic head injuries. When the spine and brain are also involved, recovery not only is very expensive, but it can take years to a lifetime away from the injured party. Negligence is a major cause of accidents that result in head injuries. If you have been injured and received head injuries as a result of another’s negligence, you may seek compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.

Damages In Head Injury Claims

  • Physical injury to the skull and soft brain tissue
  • Disability, temporary or permanent
  • Medical bills for surgery, treatment and aftercare
  • Work loss or permanent inability to resume work
  • Rehabilitation therapy or future surgeries
  • Special equipment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Death

Chula Vista head injuries attorney Howard Kitay has successfully represented head injuries victims for decades. Our experienced personal injury attorneys will work diligently in pursuit of the monetary compensation you deserve. The Law Office of Howard Kitay is committed to improving the future for those who have been injured because others have been negligent, causing head injury accidents.

Head and Brain Injury Claims

Lawsuits over head injuries result from many types of accidents. Some injuries are permanent and cannot be fixed even with the latest medical technology. Head injury accidents can be caused by many events, such as slip and fall accidents, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries and physical assaults. Traumatic injury to the brain (TBI) is a leading cause of death for younger persons. The brain is extremely complex; even small injuries can have grand repercussions. The injured person may seem confused, lose consciousness or go into a coma. Cognitive function can be affected or memories impaired. Some injuries go ignored temporarily, only to surface later on. If you have suffered a traumatic injury to the head, it is important to seek a medical examination.

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Howard Kitay Law Offices offer clients a free case evaluation. We may explain your legal options and potential courses of action. You can have confidence that when Howard Kitay represents you, we strive to win. There will be no fees charged to you unless we win your case. In addition to Chula Vista, our office serves clients in neighboring cities of Bonita, National City, Imperial Beach and San Ysidro. Schedule a free attorney consultation by calling 619-754-6854.

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