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El Cajon Hit And Run Accident Lawyers

Automobile accidents are serious no matter how they occur or who is involved. When the driver responsible for an accident flees the scene without providing the other party involved their insurance information, that driver is said to have committed in a “hit and run”. Drivers who fail to stop and provide their credentials and insurance information after an accident may be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony hit and run charge depending on the severity of the damage that they caused. Irrespective of this damage, the fact that a driver fled the scene places the victim under even greater stress.

If you or a loved one were the victim of a hit and run accident, call the skilled San Diego hit and run accident lawyers at the Law Office of Howard Alan Kitay as soon as possible. Our veteran personal injury attorneys will aggressively pursue the compensation that you are entitled to after your accident.

Between 2000 and 2005, the number of hit and run accidents in the United States increased by over 20 percent.  AAA estimates that hit and run drivers kill nearly 1500 people a year nationally and nearly 3000 per year in California – 8.7% of all traffic fatalities.

  • 58% of all hit and run accidents occur on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
  • 47 percent of fatal hit and run crashes occur between 9PM and 3AM
  • 6 of 10 victims are pedestrians

Accident Types

Hit and run type accidents are not strictly limited to collisions between two motor vehicles. A hit and run can take place involving:

Under California state law, the driver of any motor vehicle that has been involved in an accident or collision, regardless of the level of seriousness or extent of injury, must stop, find the owner of the damaged property and produce his or her driver documentation. Criminal charges will be filed against the driver who fled the scene in addition to any compensation they may be ordered to pay the victim following a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Speak with the La Mesa hit and run accident lawyers at the Law Office of Howard Alan Kitay immediately after your accident to begin the process of recovering the monetary compensation you and your family need in this hard time.

Drivers who flee the scene of an accident do so mostly out of fear of being caught and punished for their crime. This in itself is basically an admission of guilt and is one of the most selfish acts that a person can engage in. Rather than stopping to check the health of the other party in the accident, the negligent driver chooses to flee. The aggressive El Cajon hit and run accident attorneys here at the Law Office of Howard Alan Kitay will relentless pursue justice for our injured clients.


The types of injuries that a victim may incur after a hit and run accident can be serious, and sometimes life-threatening. Pedestrians and bicyclists struck by motor vehicles are at an increased risk for injury as they have virtually nothing to protect them in the event of a collision. Possible injuries in an San Diego County hit and run accident, but not limited to, include:

If you have lost a loved one in a hit and run accident, then the guilty party will likely face severe criminal charges. Speak with one of the compassionate El Cajon hit and run accident attorneys at the Law Office of Howard Alan Kitay today to discuss your case. We realize this is a difficult time for you and your family. Our experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys are here to help in this tragic time.

Expert Representation

After you or a loved one are the victim of a hit and run accident, you’ll want the best legal representation possible in order to be fully compensated for the damages that you and your family have incurred. Hit and run accidents can potentially leave victims with catastrophic, life changing injuries — you and your family will need a compensation figure that can last a lifetime. Tragically, a large number of people are killed each year in hit and run accidents. The seasoned San Diego hit and run accident lawyers at the Law Office of Howard Alan Kitay are here to offer you their professional services in this hard time. With over two decades of extensive litigation experience, top personal injury attorney Kitay has the skills needed to make your case a success.

Over the years our firm has helped our clients recover millions of dollars in compensation. This fact alone illustrates how serious we are about seeking justice for our injured clients.

At the Law Office of Howard Alan Kitay, our policy is that if we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything. Contact us today at 619-442-0542 to set up a free no-hassle, no-fee consultation. Alternatively, you can file a free case report via e-mail and we will get back to you promptly.

You may be entitled to extensive compensation for you or a loved one’s injury or loss. We are here to help, please call or contact us today.

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