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Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys San Diego

Slip, Trip and fall accidents are usually no accidents at all. In most cases, they are simply the inevitable result of hazardous conditions that have been ignored or overlooked by a property owner, a business or its agents. Proving these conditions existed and that the owner knew about or should have known about the problem but did nothing to address it is the difficult part.

Trip and fall accidents are unfortunately common occurrences that can lead to serious injury and expensive medical bills. If you have been injured in a trip and fall accident, it is important to know that you may have the right to pursue compensation for your losses, under state and federal law property owners have certain levels of responsibility to make sure public environments are safe for their customers and visitors.

The San Diego slip and fall accident attorneys at the law offices of Howard A. Kitay, have the experience, knowledge and resources needed to help you pursue compensation for losses sustained in trip and fall accidents. If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a trip and fall injury, find out your legal rights and obtain assistance from a knowledgeable trip and fall attorney as soon as possible. Our San Diego premises liability attorneys will properly investigate and evaluate your claim to preserve the testimony of witnesses and evidence as necessary to preserve your rights and maximize your recovery for damages. Your trip and fall injury may render the property owner liable, if the the trip and fall was preventable due to negligent and unsafe conditions.

Who is liable or responsible for Trip and Fall Accidents?

Under the following circumstances, a property owner may be legally responsible for the injuries a victim suffered from slipping or tripping and falling on the owner’s property:

  • The owner of the premises (the property owner) or an employee caused the spill, the worn spot, the torn spot, or other otherwise causes a slippery or dangerous surface on the stairs.
  • The property owner or an employee knew of the dangerous condition or surface but did nothing to fix the danger.
  • The property owner or an employee reasonably should have known of the dangerous condition or surface because a “reasonable” person taking care of the property would have discovered the dangerous condition and removed it or repaired it.

In order to determine which negligence standard should apply to a trip and fall injury situation, the nature of the person’s presence on the property of someone else needs to be defined. If someone is in the workplace and he or she falls and is injured because of the presence of a dangerous condition, then that injured worker could have two legal options. These options would include filing a workers compensation claim or the other option could be a personal injury legal claim for negligence.

Common causes of San Diego trip and fall accidents include:

  • Improperly designed stairs
  • Lack of handrails
  • Failure to use slip resistant tile
  • Floors painted with the wrong paint
  • Building code violations
  • Broken or uneven walking surfaces
  • Foreign objects in walkways
  • Freshly waxed or wet floors
  • Standing water or other liquids
  • Improperly placed floor mats or carpets
  • Broken or raised tiles
  • Inadequate lighting

Common San Diego trip and fall injuries include:

  • Back injuries – herniated discs, bulged discs and muscle spasms
  • Bone fractures – wrist, arm, shoulder and ankle
  • Joint injuries – rotator cuff tears and knee sprains, strains and tears
  • Soft tissue bruising and soreness

If you have been the victim of a slip and fall accident or injury in San Diego County, you need an experienced slip and fall injury lawyer.  The Law Offices of Howard Kitay has twenty five years of experience getting Proven Results For Accident Victims.  Never a fee until you win your case.

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