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What Is the Inclined Sleeper Recall?

Posted in Product Defect on November 5, 2019

Product recalls occur daily, warning consumers away from items with known or potential defects. Product manufacturers may initiate recalls after recognizing an error or receiving consumer complaints, or a safety organization such as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) will step in to order a recall. Either way, recalls help keep customers safe from defective and dangerous products.

Recently, one recall has been especially concerning for parents. The CPSC has connected the inclined sleeper recall to 73 infant deaths as of November 2019. The recall came after a unanimous vote from the CPSC to proceed with a proposal that would ban these products. The recall specifically focuses on the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, but the CPSC is warning parents to stay away from all inclined sleeper products.

73 Deaths Linked to Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

The CPSC is currently investigating deaths connected to infant inclined sleep products, especially the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Fisher-Price marketed this product as an all-in-one solution for infants to play, rock and sleep. It advertised an “extra-deep and cozy seat that allows babies to sleep all night long.” Shockingly, CPSC staff has found evidence of at least 73 infant deaths related to this product. On April 12th, 2019, Fisher-Price recalled 4.7 million Rock ‘n Play Sleepers. After the Fisher-Price recall, many companies also issued recalls of similar products.

  • Fisher-Price recalled 71,000 inclined-sleeper accessories.
  • Kids II recalled 694,000 Rocking Sleepers.
  • Dorel Juvenile Group USA recalled 24,000 inclined sleepers.

The CSPS has warned parents not to use any type of inclined sleep product, even those not currently recalled, due to inherent safety risks for infants. While, so far, related deaths have all traced back to the Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, investigators are warning consumers away from all similar inclined sleep products.

Inclined sleeper studies have shown it is easier for infants to roll over onto their stomachs in inclined sleepers, which can decrease the infant’s oxygen levels. Infants may then exhaust themselves and ultimately suffocate while trying to turn their heads and bodies to breathe. Inclined sleepers force infants to use almost 250% more abdominal muscle strength than lying flat. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends for infants to sleep on flat, firm surfaces, with no soft bedding or blankets, on the baby’s back.

What to Do If You Own a Recalled Item

As a parent, stay up to date with all the latest child product recalls. Sign up to receive immediate recall notifications by email if you do not wish to miss developing news. If you discover you have an item at home the manufacturer has now recalled, immediately follow the company’s recommendations. All companies involved in inclined sleeper recalls have told parents, guardians and caregivers to immediately stop using the inclined sleep products. They have offered remedies to consumers such as returning the sleepers for full refunds.

You should receive an email or notice if a manufacturer recalls an item you purchased. The notice will give you further instructions on how to proceed. Most recalls offer to let consumers either return the product for a refund or store credit or schedule free repairs. In the case of the inclined sleepers, stop using the product immediately and contact the manufacturer for instructions on what to do next.

What to Do If Your Infant Died While in an Inclined Sleep Product

It is tragic that manufacturers failed to recognize the substantial risks of injury and death associated with inclined sleeper products before putting them on shelves. If you lost your infant due to one of these products, the manufacturer may owe you compensation. While a monetary award cannot begin to make up for your family’s loss, it could help your family receive closure. If you have experienced an inclined-sleeper related loss in your family, contact a product liability attorney near you for a consultation.

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